Simple yet complex, CMD Industries technology process produces the only Low Temperature Non-Chemically processed Whole Kelp Extract. The production process results in a homogenous suspension with a maximum particle size below 5micron. In addition to the remarkable micron size, cell phytochemistry is also brought into suspension significantly enhancing bioavailability and overall product efficiency…

Industry norm the world over when producing seaweed Biostimulants results in a greater 70% raw material waste factor. Not only is this wasteful of natural resources but it also mitigates the true potential of seaweed through disruption of the whole plant synergistic effect.

We at CMD Industries are proud to be spear heading a zero waste movement aimed at full utilization of raw material to the benefit of the various industries we serve. Seaweed and other plant material is precious and should not be wasted.

The net effect of our zero waste policy is a significant increase in all natural occurring compounds offering a highly concentrated product that further adds to our environmental targets in that less product needs to be shipped to treat comparative hectares attracting significantly less Carbon Emissions. Logistically this translates to less containers shipped in turn saving on logistics associated costs.

EckloniaMAXX strives toward disruptive impact – throughout our value-chain.

Raw Materials Sustainability / Scalability